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The New approach in AI Vision

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Let Your Images Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Add AI to almost any camera on the market

Point cloud analisys

Our service fit a wide range of applications, from autonomous vehicles to virtual reality experiences. With AI Point Cloud 3D Data, you can detect objects, track movements, and even predict motion trends with ease.

Versatility in Application

MIx standar algorithm or third party libraries with new AI approach

Fit the network to the 

Small neural network can effectively solve simpler problems with high accuracy

User friendly UI

Web based UI enable you tu use same tools on different platforms

Defect and anomaly detection
at the edge

Camallianz - the cutting-edge embedded AI software designed to revolutionize the way your devices perform. With its advanced capabilities, Camallianz is the future of AI-driven software, built to run seamlessly on ARM and optimized for HAILO platform.

Designed with precision and optimization in mind, Camallianz takes AI to the next level, empowering your devices with the intelligence they need to work smarter and faster.


Whether you need it for your smart home appliances, medical devices, or industrial machines, Camallianz is the perfect solution for any application that demands high-speed processing power and reliability.

With Camallianz, we believe that every camera should be powered by AI. That's why our software is designed to be easy to integrate and use, ensuring that your devices are up and running in no time. With Camallianz, you can enjoy a seamless user experience that puts you in control of your devices.

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Are You Ready to the next level in edge AI?

Gt ready for a new semantic segmentation or classification task with our consulting service

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